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Types of Cabinetry

At Don’s Custom Countertops, we offer a diverse selection of cabinetry lines to cater to various budgets, designs, and styles. Our goal is to understand your project and match you with the best cabinetry line that suits your design preferences and budget. Explore our cabinetry options below:

Custom Cabinets

  • Ultimate in Personalization and Quality
    • Unlimited Options: Endless door styles and color choices to match any design vision.
    • Premium Finish: High-quality finishes for a luxurious look and feel.
    • Exceptional Quality: Top-tier craftsmanship and materials ensure durability and longevity.
    • Fully Customizable: Tailor every detail to meet your exact specifications.

Factory Line Cabinets

Perfect for Budget-Friendly Projects

  • Base Price-Point: Affordable options without compromising on quality.
  • Limited Selections: Few color and door options available.
  • Standard Sizes: Designed to fit most kitchens with standard dimensions.
  • Face Frame Construction: Traditional construction with a visible frame around the cabinet doors.
  • Quick Turnaround Time: Fast delivery and installation.
  • Example: J&K Cabinetry

Semi-Custom Cabinets


  • Ideal for Personalized Design
    • Variety of Options: Extensive selection of door styles and colors.
    • Customizable Sizes: Tailor the cabinets to fit your specific space requirements.
    • Plenty of Accessories: Enhance functionality with various accessories.
    • Mid-Range Price Point: Balance between affordability and customization.
    • Construction Options: Choose between face-frame or frameless construction.

Face-Frame vs. Frameless Construction

  • Understanding the Difference

    Choosing between face-frame and frameless cabinetry is crucial, as it impacts both the appearance and functionality of your kitchen. Here’s a brief overview:

    • Face-Frame Construction: Features a frame around the front of the cabinet box, providing additional strength and a more traditional look. Doors and drawers attach to this frame.
    • Frameless Construction: Also known as European-style, this construction lacks a front frame, offering a sleek, modern appearance with more accessible storage space.

Kitchen Cabinets

Versatile Designs: Wide range of styles to suit any kitchen aesthetic.
• Quality Materials: Durable construction for long-lasting use.
• Custom Fit: Tailored to your kitchen’s unique dimensions.
• Functionality: Options for pull-out shelves, lazy Susans, and other convenient features.
• Stylish Hardware: Selection of handles and knobs to complete your look.

Pantry Cabinet

• Maximized Storage: Efficient use of space for all your pantry items.
• Adjustable Shelves: Flexible storage solutions for various sizes of goods.
• Built-in Organizers: Options for spice racks, pull-out baskets, and more.
• High Accessibility: Easy access to all items with slide-out options.
• Custom Design: Match with your kitchen’s existing cabinetry.

Bar Cabinet

• Stylish Display: Elegant designs to showcase your glassware and spirits.
• Built-In Features: Wine racks, glass holders, and more.
• Customizable Layout: Tailor the size and configuration to your space.
• High-Quality Materials: Ensures durability and a premium feel.
• Lighting Options: Add LED lights for a sophisticated touch.

Storage Cabinet

• Multi-Functional: Ideal for various storage needs throughout the home.
• Space-Saving: Efficient designs to maximize storage capacity.
• Durable Build: Long-lasting materials and craftsmanship.
• Versatile Design: Options to blend seamlessly with any room décor.
• Customizable Interiors: Adjustable shelves and dividers for optimal organization.


Garage Cabinets

• Heavy-Duty Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of garage use.
• Ample Storage: Generous space for tools, equipment, and more.
• Secure Storage: Options for lockable doors to keep your items safe.
• Easy Maintenance: Resilient finishes that are easy to clean.
• Custom Fit: Designed to make the best use of your garage space.

Shoe Cabinet

• Organized Storage: Keep your shoes neatly arranged and accessible.
• Space-Efficient: Slim designs to fit in entryways or closets.
• Adjustable Shelves: Accommodates different shoe sizes and styles.
• Aesthetic Options: Styles to match your home décor.
• Durable Materials: Built to last and withstand daily use.

Bathroom Cabinets

• Moisture-Resistant: Designed to handle the humid bathroom environment.
• Elegant Designs: Stylish options to enhance your bathroom’s look.
• Functional Storage: Organize toiletries, towels, and other essentials.
• Custom Fit: Tailored to fit your bathroom’s layout and size.
• Quality Finishes: High-end finishes that resist wear and tear.

Laundry Room Cabinets

• Efficient Storage: Organize detergents, cleaning supplies, and more.
• Durable Construction: Built to withstand heavy use.
• Space Optimization: Maximize your laundry room’s storage potential.
• Custom Configurations: Fit to your room’s specific dimensions and needs.
• Practical Designs: Features like pull-out hampers and ironing board storage.

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